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1:1 Coaching Intensive

Corporate to Coaching 1:1 Intensive

  • 2297.00 6 sessions
  • Virtual Session-Zoom

Service Description

For High Achieving Corporate Women looking to brand themselves online outside of their 9-5 so they can grow their business. In this Intensive I will work with you for 6 weeks to help you get clarity around your coaching business, how and where to show up confidently and set specific goals that align with where you're looking to go all while releasing those blocks that have been hindering you from taking the steps to get started or not get the results you desire. I know you're tired of wondering if you can make money as a coach using your gifts and talents. I know you're tired of feeling unfulfilled in corporate, knowing that you're not using your gifts like you should. I know you desire to stop all the doubts that keep coming up when you even think about branding yourself as a coach because you've been in corporate so long. I know that you feel like you don't have enough time to add another thing to your plate.. But, Let me assure you that IT'S POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO MAKE THIS DREAM of Coaching A REALITY even with all that you have in your head right now. In this 1:1 Intensive we will cover: Foundations of Coaching: Explore personal values, strengths, and the psychological barriers that hinder growth. Begin mindset shifts necessary for embracing the coaching identity. Examples: Money mindsets, fears, doubts…… Audience and Niche Clarity Identify and define the target audience and niche that aligns with personal strengths and market needs. Utilize exercises to pinpoint where they can be most impactful and fulfilled. Inspiring Brand Creation: Develop a personal brand that integrates their faith, values, and professional vision. Create a compelling visual and narrative brand identity. Telling Your Story: Master the art of storytelling on social media to engage and attract the right clientele. Learn the tools and tactics for effective communication and content creation that resonates with the target audience. Monetize your Gift: Finalize the business model, learn about various revenue models, and establish pricing strategies. Move Forward as a Coach: Focuses on launching the coaching business with practical steps for setting up and marketing their services effectively. Resources: What you need to get started as a coach

Cancellation Policy

Once you've paid for services, there will be no refunds. Please cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled session.

Regina Green

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