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Regina T Green

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Regina T Green is an author, mentor, teacher, U.S. Army veteran, & keynote speaker.

Regina has overcome many challenges and setbacks and has boldly stepped into her call and using her gifts of encouragement, speaking and teaching to propel passionate people into their God-given destiny and share the good news. Regina loves working with the youth, helping the, dream big and reach their full potential.

Regina left her job to find purpose, meaning and fulfillment and found God on a personal level. She has since realized that she was designed with purpose for a purpose and it doesn't matter where you can make an impact on others.


She is the host of the Podcast called Healthy Prosperous Conversations with Regina T Green and author of the book called, the missing pieces to a prosperous life and daily declarations and prayers for the career woman.

She is a wife and mom of 3 at home and loves to read and travel. 

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