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Meet Regina T Green

Regina T Green embodies a profound calling as a daughter of the King, a beacon of light in ministry, and a vibrant presence as a  Coach, Speaker, Author, and Teacher, specializing in empowering corporate women to become confident coaches and build their personal brands.

As the host of the empowering podcast, "Making Faith Moves” with Regina T Green," she shares her wisdom and insights with a global audience of corporate women transitioning into coaching roles. Regina is also the author of two transformative books: "The Missing Pieces to a Prosperous Life" and "Daily Declarations and Prayers for the Career Woman," enriching lives with practical wisdom and spiritual guidance tailored for ambitious women seeking fulfillment and success in their coaching journey and in life. She touches on all areas of life on this podcast.

As a devoted wife and mother of three, Regina finds joy in family, reading, and traveling. Her journey is marked by triumph over adversity, fueled by steadfast faith and resilience. Stepping boldly into her divine purpose, she leverages her gifts of encouragement, eloquence, and instruction to ignite the flames of purpose in passionate corporate women, guiding them towards their God-given destiny as confident coaches and influential leaders in their respective fields.

Regina's heart beats with fervor for empowering women in the corporate world to transition into coaching roles and build their personal brands with confidence and authenticity. Through her transformative journey, Regina understands the unique challenges and aspirations of corporate women seeking purpose and fulfillment. Through her testimony and expertise, she illuminates the path for corporate women to confidently step into their coaching roles, build their personal brands, and impact lives profoundly in their professional and personal spheres.


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