Meet Regina

I'm a hard working woman from a small town with big dreams, I served in U. S. Army and then I successfully worked in corporate America for 12+ years. I must say I had a comfortable life. I was making a high income, with two degrees..., I had accomplished a lot... If you looked at my life from the outside, my life looked pretty healthy in all areas.....but I knew deep inside that something was missing, I wasn't my best self and I wanted change, I wanted more time with my family and not have to downgrade my lifestyle so I went on my search for the missing link......

I walked away from my career feeling like it was time for a change and feeling like something was missing and I realized that I wanted a  better quality of life in all areas, it wasn't necessarily the job.

 I had to heal my mind from the past hurts, disappointments and strongholds that kept me bound. I needed to know God personally which would lead to me knowing myself and then operating in boldness and making moves that I felt afraid to make before.


"Cultivate the confidence & courage to go within so that you can win & be bold all areas of your life!"

Regina Green

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Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur, Author,  Keynote Speaker & Minister

 I started my health journey, I begin to lean completely on God, heal from the inside, I spoke life and truth to myself, I changed old habits, I lost 25 lbs, created healthy relationships around me, increased my faith and confidence and walking in my purpose.

The life that I had known....years of doing life for others, feeling frustrated, exhausted mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically was completely transformed. I now have my work and life aligned with my values and I'm able to help others do the same.