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Clarity, Clarity Clarity.....

Clarity and taking action is two of the most important factors when it comes to improvement in life, business, health or whatever goals you are working to achieve.

It is so common to get frustrated that you are not where you want to be but something that I run into when I work with my clients and I faced myself is they don't have a clear defined path that they are trying to reach therefore they feel like they are "failing."

Been there and done that!!

Here's some facts that I'd love to share with you....

If you want to start seeing growth in your business or life then take the time to define EXACTLY what it is you want and then make a step by step plan to reach it and just a quick note, the steps to get there can change but never change the vision or the goal.

Sit down and write out a plan that you can and will follow so that you know what steps you are taking every day. Shooting in the air with no real plan leaves you frustrated.

Then once you have your plan written out start taking action and don't procrastinate. Leave no room for procrastination besides this is not your nature as a believer. You are an overcomer and overcomes have discipline.

Perfectionism is procrastination which is a form of FEAR and more than likely it is a fear of failing. I'll talk more on that later. So let me know if you have any questions regarding what I've shared and let me know how things work out for you!

Regina Green


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