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Signs of Fear in your life.....

Don’t allow fear to lead your decisions today.

Do you know that fear can hide & make you think you’re making decisions in faith but it’s really fear?

You turn down opportunities because it’s unfamiliar You procrastinate & self sabotage your success You sit on the sidelines & watch others wishing you could be where they are & you haven’t stepped in the game. You overthink everything & end up doing nothing You come up with very good (in your mind) excuses why you can’t do it You don’t move towards what you really say you want You don’t share what God has placed on your heart, you keep it to yourself with fear that it’s not perfect or you care what others think.

There are opportunities that have come to you & will come to you, don’t turn them down just because they are unfamiliar, ask Holy Spirit what’s best & step out in Faith.

You’ve operated in fear long enough so let’s go…..this is your season, if you want it to be!

I’m gonna say what my husband says, “show up, get it done or shut up!

P.S I have space to work one on one with anyone that’s ready to uplevel & achieve their goals!!

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