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A lesson when I left my job

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned when I left my job was never to put my identity in things outside of myself.

My identity was tied to my job...

So when I left, I felt like apart of me was gone & because things didn’t go as planned I began to feel like I didn’t measure up. I questioned God & yes, I went to church faithfully and was saved…just in case you were wondering! Lol!

And here’s the thing, if I had not had the experience of walking away & facing the challenges that I did, I would have thought that I knew where my identity was. I would have thought that I knew my worth but I didn’t.

I have a question for you, do you feel puffed up because of what you have, where you work, your job title or how successful your kids are??

Be honest with yourself!

I challenge you today to develop a kingdom mindset around who you are.

If you lost everything today, would you crumble?

Would you feel worthless?

Would you feel shame? Or would you still stand boldly?

I now know, that my no matter what happens, my identity isn’t in the things outside of me, it’s in God and I will stand in a room with anyone and still feel bold & I would know that I’ve been planted there by God for a reason!

Until next time,

Regina Green


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