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Client Services

Stories of Success

“Regina’s mentoring is amazing. I showed up for each session, did all the homework, and at the end, I discovered my life purpose and a better way to align my work and gifts to bring value to others. This led me to completely restructure and rethink my business and find the courage to write the book that I had been meaning to write for ages. Regina’s biblical wisdom is also amazing. I learned a lot about God, and the methods Regina taught me about reading scripture and applying it to my life have changed my life.” My life will never be the same because I have a closer relationship with God."

Amanda Heal / Inspirational Speaker

“I thoroughly enjoyed the time that I mentored with Regina. First, let me say that I lost 40lbs through Regina's health coaching and this gave me the energy to move with more confidence in my call. It was a mindset shift that I needed. Regina helped me see that it's not about dieting but caring for my temple. She also helped me see the possibilities of aligning my work with my gifts and talents. Taking control of my health has helped with clarity in my mind.

 I'm now moving in the direction that God is has been calling me into. 

Sanura Dean / Corporate Worker / Speaker / Empowerment Coach

"Regina helped me with my resume so that I could apply for a leadership role that I really wanted. She offered to help me with my interview but because I hadn't gotten any interviews in a while, I said no!" But, after she did my resume, I got an interview however because I wasn't confident, I didn't get the job. I came back to Regina and we did a mock interview and the next interview I did amazing and got the job!!! I even got a 20,000 dollar pay increase!"

Taneka Jackson / Sourcing Team Lead 

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