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Because You Matter!

Let's Make Life Changing  Moves

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My greatest pleasure is helping  you become who God created you to be, unleash your potential, and achieve your God-given dreams.

With the help of God, mentors, coaches and a powerful community around me, I've personally, experienced transformation in my mind, my will, my emotions and in my physical health.
I now coach and mentor many entrepreneurs, career women, moms and even college students on their own personal journal to a life of  joy, true freedom and a healthy prosperous life they love. 

Now, it's YOUR time to turn all areas of your life & health around! 


What does that look like for you?

I'm here to help.

What area of a health would you like to focus on right now?


Your mind, body,self image & become your best & most authentic self


Your mind, will and emotions from your past, your old ways & move forward


Your vision & goals & achieve them


Professionally, Personally,Spiritually & lead yourself and others better

Today, you get to decide to live better, lead better & make your dreams a reality!


Individual Mentoring

Check out my mentoring program that's designed to help you live healthy in all areas of your life so that you are moving God's vision for your life forward and making your God-given dreams a reality.

Hands Up

Group Mentoring

Join our community designed for training, discipleship & fellowship. Get connected to kingdom minded leaders being transformed from the inside out, living healthy, breaking chains and making an impact in the earth. 

Join our Complimentary Private Community of Women Living Healthy and Fit! 

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Meet Regina 

Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker & Minister

I'm a hard working woman from a small town with big dreams, I served in U. S. Army and then I successfully worked in corporate America for 12+ years. I must say I had a comfortable life. I was making a high income, with two degrees..., I had accomplished a lot... If you looked at my life from the outside, my life looked pretty healthy in all areas.....but I knew deep inside that something was missing, I wasn't my best self and I wanted change, so I went on my search for the missing link......



“Regina’s mentoring is amazing. I showed up for each session, did all the homework, and at the end, I discovered my life purpose and a better way to align my work and gifts to bring value to others. This led me to completely restructure and rethink my business and find the courage to write the book that I had been meaning to write for ages. Regina’s biblical wisdom is also amazing. I learned a lot about God, and the methods Regina taught me about reading scripture and applying it to my life have changed my life.” My life will never be the same because I have a closer relationship with God. 

Amanda Heal

Inspirational Speaker


“Clarity, Courage & Freedom are words that comes to mind when I think of working with Regina. I was delivered from the spirit of rejection.

I've gained confidence and clarity in who God called me to be, what he's called me to do and I'm doing it. She helped me set boundaries for myself, my business and my health. I felt like my dreams were hindered due to life experiences but being able to dream again feels amazing. Regina showed me a healthy way of doing life according to my values.  I'm coaching others with confidence now and I know that just because life has challenges doesn't mean God changed his mind about me.”

Nikki Lott 
Creativity Coach & Hair Stylist


 "I've struggled with my weight for a while and God placed Regina on my heart. I'm so glad I reached out. I lost over 70 pounds on my health journey after working with Regina. I've gained more confidence when I speak, clarity in my mind and energy to do what God has called me to do as a business owner and pastor.  My time with Regina has taught me to not focus on the food but on my body being God's temple and  becoming my best self.

Sheyna James
Pastor & Entrepreneur


“I thoroughly enjoyed the time that I mentored with Regina. First, let me say that I lost 40lbs through Regina's health coaching and this gave me the energy to move with more confidence in my call. Regina helped me see that it's not about dieting but caring for my temple. She also helped me see the possibilities of aligning my work with my gifts and talents. Taking control of my health has helped with clarity in my mind.

 I'm now moving in the direction that God is has been calling me into. Regina is an amazing women of God and Mentor and I have mad respect for her!”

Sanura Dean

 Speaker & Empowerment Coach


Let’s Engage

     Email: regina@reginatgreen.com  

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