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Are you a Woman of God transitioning  into entrepreneurship, ministry, a new career or a new YOU?
Are wanting to increase your faith, live a healthy & prosperous life and be bold in all areas of your life?
Do you want to be propelled into your God-given destiny & have more time for what & who matters most in your life?

Hey there, I'm Regina & Welcome!  

It's time for you to believe big,  be bold and step into the NEW... God's way! 

It can be frustrating to lack clarity. To feel stuck or fear the unknown when it comes to moving towards the life, health or the career that you truly desire.

I've been there and if you are finally ready to live out your full potential, BOLDY walk in your call & finally move the VISION that God has shown you forward....

You've come to the right place!

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Because you CAN:

  • Step into ministry or into your new role without second guessing yourself  but confidently  knowing that you're qualified

  • Break old habits and replace them with new ones causing you to have better results in your life

  • Confidently start your service-based business without confusion and with clarity, unafraid to leave your job, if you're called to,  unafraid to charge for your services & boldly share what you have to offer to the people that you are called to

  • Release the  past mistakes and pain and make new moves in your life , health and career  without fear, self sabotaging, procrastination, or rejection and do it with clarity , focus, increased income and time for what and who matters most 

  • Rise UP & Stand OUT  as a leader  without losing yourself, blending in, playing small, being a duplicate of others or sacrificing your personal life for success the world's way

  • Be bold & prosper in all areas of your life 

God has big plans for you!

Woman of God come on and join us for bible study & encouragement in the Healthy Prosperous Women in Leadership community!

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Think Bold


    Believe Bold


              Move Bold

"God is calling you higher but you must BELIEVE, think differently and take obedient action so that you can walk in it!"

Stories of Success

 "I've struggled with my weight for a while and God placed Regina on my heart. I'm so glad I reached out. I lost over 70 pounds on my health journey after working with Regina. I've changed my mindset around health, I've gained more confidence when I speak, clarity in my mind and energy to do what God has called me to do as a business owner and pastor.  My time with Regina has taught me to not focus on the food but on my body being God's temple and  becoming my best self.

Sheyna James / Pastor  / Entrepreneur

“Clarity, Courage & Freedom are words that comes to mind when I think of working with Regina. I was delivered from the spirit of rejection.

I've gained confidence and clarity in who God called me to be, what he's called me to do and I'm doing it. She helped me set boundaries for myself, my business and my health. I felt like my dreams were hindered due to life experiences but being able to dream again feels amazing.  I'm coaching others with confidence now and I know that just because life has challenges doesn't mean God changed his mind about me.”

Nikki Lott / Creativity Coach / Hair Stylist 

Regina helped me with my resume and I landed the interview and got the job. I'm so grateful that she encouraged me that ,even though I didn't think that I was qualified, to still apply for the job. She aligned my previous skills with the job description and I got the job! I'll be forever grateful! 


Jackie Williams / Logistics Program Manager

"I never would have thought that I could have been an entrepreneur and work a full time job. Regina showed me creative ways to make both work and still have time to spend with my family. I'm so glad that I get to experience the best of both worlds and still make an impact in other people's lives and tap into what God wants me to do as well! "

Sierra Jones / Supply Chain Planner/ Transformational Coach

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